Recent publications from Dr. Ahlering and Dr. Yafi’s Prostate/Men’s Health Research Team. This team produced ~30 published work from 2019-2020.:

  1. Comparison of the gut microbiome composition between men with Peyronie’s disease and a matched cohort: a pilot study | Request PDF (
  2. Testosterone replacement therapy is associated with high satisfaction rates: results of a survey study | International Journal of Impotence Research (
  3. Pudendal and Dorsal Penile Nerve Blocks during Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation.
    1. Our team is using a new analgesic technique to decrease the use of opioids intraoperatively during penile prosthesis insertion.
  4. Intralesional Injection Therapy and Atypical Peyronie’s Disease: A Systematic Review.
    1. Our team is able to produce significant improvement in men presenting with atypical PD.
    2. Sex Med Rev. 2020 Jul 10;S2050-0521(20)30045-7. doi: 10.1016/j.sxmr.2020.05.003
  5. Impact of antimicrobial dipping solutions on post-operative infection rates in diabetic patients undergoing primary insertion of a Coloplast titan inflatable penile prosthesis.
    1. A multi-institutional study showing lower infection rates occurred during penile prosthesis implantation in diabetic men using a modified antibiotic regimen.
  6. Organic Diet and Intermittent Fasting are Associated with Improved Erectile Function.
    1. First study to suggest organic diet and intermittent fasting to be protective against ED.
    2. Urology. 2020 Jul 25;S0090-4295(20)30879-7. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2020.07.019.
  7. Testosterone replacement therapy reduces biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy.
    1. Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) after radical prostatectomy significantly reduced biochemical recurrence and delayed time to biochemical recurrence. There was no identifiable general health complications associated with TRT.
    2. BJU Int. 2020 Jul;126(1):91-96. doi: 10.1111/bju.15042. Epub 2020 Apr 1.
  8. Testosterone replacement therapy reduces biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy.
    1. BJU International. July 2020. doi: 10.1111/bju.15042.
  9. Challenging beliefs of testosterone therapy and prostate cancer.
    1. Nature Reviews. Urology. December 2019. doi: 10.1038/s41585-019-0253-8
  10. Internal and External Validation of 90-Day Percent Erection Fullness Score Model Potency Recovery following Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy.
    1. European Urology Oncology. Sept 2018.
  11. Unintended Consequences Decreased PSA-based Prostate Cancer Screening.
    1. World Journal of Urology. July 2018.
  12. Predictive Modeling of Two-Year Potency Outcomes via a Novel 90-Day Percent Fullness Scale after Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy.
    1. British Journal of Urology, International. Feb 2018.
    2. 10.1111/bju.14190