As healthcare continues to improve and men are living longer, quality of life is becoming an integral part of the practice of medicine.
Advancing Men’s Health
About the Program
Thank you for your interest in supporting Men’s Health within the Department of Urology. The Men’s Health Program is led by Dr. Faysal Yafi, Assistant Professor of Urology, Chief of Andrology and Director of Men’s Health. Our Men’s Health Program is the only dedicated initiative of its kind in Orange County, striving to help men live “longer and stronger.” Men’s Health means exploring cutting-edge advances and therapies in low testosterone, male infertility, testicular pain, erectile dysfunction, and more. Click here to learn more about current major areas of research within Men’s Health.
How can I help?
  • Help fund Men’s Health by making a gift
Current major research areas:
  • Management of Peyronie’s Disease
  • Diet and Men’s Sexual Health
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Prosthetic Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction
  • The Gut Microbiome and Men’s Health
Ongoing research areas:
  • New Paradigms in Urologic Cancer Treatment
  • Urethral Stricture Disease
  • Kidney Stone Disease
  • Prostate Cancer Prevention and Detection

For a confidential conversation about how you can make a difference by donating today, making a multi- year pledge of support or by making a forward-thinking gift through your will or trust, please contact:

Matthew T. Spencer
Executive Director of Development
(714) 509-2112

Tim Prelletz
Director of Development
(714) 509-2113

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Jaime Landman Endowed Chair in Urologic Surgical Oncology

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Curiosity and Innovation

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Men's Health Fund

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Female Urologic & Reconstructive Research

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Pediatric Urologic Research

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Advanced Care Fund for Urologic Cancers

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Urologic & Retroperitoneal Cancer Research

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Kidney Disease / Cancer Research & Ed.

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John W. Posey Resident Education Fund

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Male Urologic Reconstruction Research

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Endowed Resident Intl Travel Fund

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Dr. Eric Wisenbaugh Endowed Fellowship

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Prostate Cancer Research & Education

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BPH & Voiding Dysfunction Research

To support research in the area of benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) & voiding dysfunction.